NanoBreath™ is a low cost, robust and portable, medical breath testing system which is to be used with the Urea Breath Test, the ‘gold standard’ diagnostic test for H. pylori.

The NanoBreath system has the capability to measure “heavy” carbon dioxide in patient breath samples. It will, typically, test 42 patients per day each requiring two test kits for use on the NanoBreath system.

This disruptive development will allow testing and diagnosis to be transferred to the point of care in a physician’s surgery or clinic, rather than being sent away to a central test laboratory requiring much more complex and expensive equipment and with a significant delay in diagnosis.

NanoBreathTM will be a disruptive technology. It will make the use of UBT for H. pylori diagnosis affordable, portable, convenient and widely available. It will expand the market for UBT that is currently constrained by high cost and inaccessibility.